February 9, 2016

Busy Bee Hourlies

Like every year, February 1 was Hourly Comic Day, a day where folks draw comics for every hour they're awake (or a slight variation thereof, really) to show how their day is going. My day turned out to be too busy to draw (and would have contained eight variations on me sitting at a desk), so I didn't participate, but when other folks' comics were rolling in I found myself wishing I had. Fortunately, I found out Ephi was also planning to do hers last Saturday, so I tagged along! (She came up with the name, too.)

As you can see, most of my day was spent at the indie comics event Comics & The Beast in a Neukölln bar, which was very fun. Thanks to everyone who came and said hi and bought my stuff!

February 2, 2016


Or, y'know, weekends in general - but I've made a resolution to keep at least one day off a week. Ha.

Speaking of weekends, I will be tabling at Comics & The Beast in Neukölln this Saturday! I will have stickers and the brand-new bonus Master of Survival issue. You know the drill - come say hi!

January 26, 2016

Pirate Song

"Awaaaayyy, boarders!!!"
"Down with motivation!" "No quarter!" "Her happiness is ours!!"
"Lex, honey? I'm gonna make dinner, what do you wanna eat?" "Uh... I really don't care, actually..."
"... You don't look so good..." "No, no, I'm fine... Everything's fine, I'm just going to finish this and I'll be right there."
"You sure?" "YES Sondra, don't worry!" "I'm not w-" "LEAVE ME ALONE!" "..."
"Come back to me... Come back to me... In the shadows and in the darkness... I am here... I am yours... So come back ... Come back to me..."
"Hey, Sondra, I'm..." "..." "So I ended up putting some pizza in the oven..." "I thought we could watch an episode of 'Card House', if you wanted."
"... Hey, thanks... Thanks for everything."

This was my entry for the pirate-themed issue 5 of the Franco-German comic zine BETON, which came out this month! You can check out the project online here and locate stores that carry it here.

Also, if you are in Paris on February 8, you can meet the team at the local Goethe-Institut! Originals (including mine from issue #3) will also be on display there.

This has been my regularly scheduled Franco-German moment. As you were.

January 19, 2016

Swearing In English

My preferred language in which to swear is actually French, but sometimes it fails me.

BERLIN! There's a show opening at Raum B this Friday featuring originals for the new issue of BETON (including a brand-new 4-page story by yours truly)! Doors open this at 7PM and there will be live music and drinks and comics! See you there!

January 14, 2016

Store Music

Was James ever confronted with department stores playing Christmas carols after New Year's? It's debatable.

I am back in Berlin! Here is a late update as I was traveling home from California earlier this week. I survived! Also, I may never sleep past 4:30 AM again!